#19 Cari Cole Vocal Rescue Live

Braver By The Day Podcast Episode 19

Interview with professional vocal coach Cari Cole from NYC (USA)

[ Vocal Health | Psychology | Speaking | Singing | Broadcasting ]

I’m joined by the amazing Cari Cole from Cari Cole Voice and Music Co. and we’re talking the voice! Not the show, but the actual human voice! The tool that the majority of use, misuse and abuse on a daily basis.

Cari shares her methods for preparing and taking care for the voice – plus Cari pulls off a LIVE VOCAL RESCUE!!! ON ME!!! Yes my voice was shot to pieces at the start of our chat, and after a few simple tricks from Cari went straight from totally destroyed to only slightly wrecked! So please listen to whole interview as Cari gives away masses of great information that you can use in your own life. If you’re a Broadcaster, Speaker, Professional or Coach – or even just a job interview candidate looking for the edge – having a strong and reliable voice can only help! and Cari tips are priceless.

“As creative people are more aware of their internal world; it’s important to start there when helping them become more confident and face-their-fears.”

~ Inspired by Cari Cole

What Cari and I talk about:

  1. My voice is destroyed and I explain why [0.00 > 1.00 min]
  2. Cari gives us a quick overview of her background (professional vocal coach for celebrities, emerging vocal talents and actors) [2 mins]
  3. Cari shares some other industries that her company is opening up to (entrepreneurs, speakers, Podcasters and professional voice artists) [4 mins 30 secs]
  4. The psychology of the voice [7 mins]
  5. Cari shares one helpful tip that RESCUED MY VOICE Live on the call! [8 mins]
  6. Cari shares her thoughts on some common vocal warm-up techniques and her thoughts on hydration and preparation [10 mins 50secs]
  7. We discuss the Fear-Of-Failure; and how Cari helps creative people better use and care for their voices [27 mins]

How I discovered Cari:

  1. I heard several mentions of Cari around the same time that I discovered Bob Baker’s work (2010)
  2. I followed Cari’s Twitter – where she shares great vocal advice and product recommendations (2011)
  3. Cari was a guest on the Music Biz Weekly Podcast and I thought WOW her advice could translate into many more industries than just music (2012)
  4. After several months of vocal issues when recording episodes of my first Podcast (DIY Music Movement); I put Cari’s advice about ‘getting a massage’ into practice, and it really worked!
  5. After starting Braver By The Day and knowing that I wanted to help people be more confident in their interactions with the world; that I would need to cover the human voice. Which I know from years in bands and now several years listening to, and producing Podcasts, is something that A LOT of people fear – they fear the sound of their own voice!

CARI COLE Voice and Music Co.

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  1. kevinmulryne2
    3 years ago

    Great episode with loads of useful information! Thanks!

  2. kevinmulryne2
    3 years ago

    Great episode with loads of useful information! Thanks!

  3. JoshuaListon
    3 years ago

    kevinmulryne2 Hey Kevin – thanks so much for checking out the episode! I know that I’ll be coming back to this one on a regular basis for vocal health tips 🙂

    Let me know mate if you end up using any of Cari’s techniques and advice! I’m sure she would love to know about it! 
    ~ take it easy mate

  4. MatthewNewton
    3 years ago

    Joshua.. I just listened to this one and quite enjoyed it. Cannot for the life of me recall how I found the podcast but you have a new subscriber.
    Question – how come you’re using Livefyre? Am a huge Disqus Fanboi over here. Getting notifications of replies to comments as you surf the web is so helpful.
    Anyway, regarding your sibilant s, I couldn’t hear it at all before you mentioned it. Then after you did, I could baaaarely notice it. Non-issue I think.
    Whats microphone are you using?

  5. JoshuaListon
    3 years ago

    MatthewNewton Hey Matt, how goes mate? Thanks so much for checking out the show! and to be honest I’m not 100% sure why I went with Livefyre – beyond that I like the way it looks and it’s clean… 
    On Skype calls I use a MXL USB.009 mic and for in-studio and solo eps I use a Heil PR40 (it’s got way more tone than the MXL – but also has more Sibilant S’s)
    Are you Podcasting dude? 
    ~ josh

  6. MatthewNewton
    3 years ago

    JoshuaListon Yeh Livefyre isn’t so bad come to think of it
    How come you don’t use your Heil for the Skype stuff? As far as I’m aware that’s the typical option.
    In terms of podcasting I will be doing so very soon. Just bought a USB headset mike (the one recommended by Dan Andrews) but the sound isn’t quite where I’d want it, but I believe this is largely because of the recording environment. Soon!

  7. JoshuaListon
    3 years ago

    MatthewNewton JoshuaListon Hey Matt – apologies for the slow reply… 
    I use the MXL for Skype/ScreenFlow/Audacity/ProTools recordings etc because it’s SO MUCH EASIER! haha
    The MXL has a Pro sound, and I can monitor the sound and record a back-up direct from the MXL to my R-05 recorder. Also, I can more easily take the mic with me and use with different computers and know it’s going to get it done! It comes with a much more robust road case than the PR40. The other reason I use the MXL for Skype calls is that it takes a lot OUT of the signal path – and therefore it’s much easier to trouble shoot my end on-the-fly (the MXL glows bright blue when it’s working!) 
    The Heil does sound better for my solo shows – but I use a different more complicated rig for solo shows! 
    My voice doesn’t really suit headsets – but I’ve Skyped with people who use them …and as long as the mouth piece is slightly away from the mouth they sound decent! 
    Let me know when your show is out and about Matt – I’d love to check it out! 🙂 
    ~ josh



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